• 1 – 20 t/h
  • 0.7 – 2 Mpa
  • Industrial
  • In Stock
  • Nature gas, coke oven gas, biogas, methanol, liquid propane gas, diesel, heavy oil, light oil, crude oil, etc.
  • Heat supplying, chemical, food, textile, printing and dyeing, cigarettes and tobacco, fodder, pharmacy, building materials, brewery, rubber, hospital etc.

WSN series gas / oil fired industrial horizontal steam boiler is a kind of safety and high efficiency heating equipment with fully automatic intelligent control system. It’s a boiler shell type 3 passes wetback oil/gas fired boiler. Usually, the WNS series steam boilers widely used for industry production and processing, such as textile mill, medicine industry, food & beverage industry, chemical industry, garment industry, food processing industry, and wood processing industry, moreover, it could be used for central heating in enterprise, hotel, hospital, civil architecture, etc.

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When leaking begins, you need to act fast to stop it. Not only do leaks often warn about other problems in the boiler, but even the smallest water drip can cause structural damage to your home and encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

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Boiler Pressure Relief Valve Leaking and What to Do . Boiler Pressure Relief Valve Leaking and What to Do The pressure relief valve of your boiler is a very important part of your heating system. This is because it is a safety valve that protects your heating system from building up

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What to do With a Leaking Water Heater STEP 1: Turn off the water. If you experience a leaking water heater, it is recommended to turn off the water to your tank. Your water heater tank should have a dedicated shutoff valve on the cold inlet pipes. If this is a gate-style valve (a wheel that turns), turn the valve clockwise as far as you can.

Boiler Leaking, Need replacement?

2013-6-23 · Discuss Boiler Leaking, Need replacement? in the Central Heating Forum area at PlumbersForums.netBoiler Leaking, Need replacement? in the Central Heating Forum area at PlumbersForums.net

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2014-6-29 · Fortunately, the boiler was owned by the water company and my parents had notified them of the leak so it was their failure. Unfortunately all my non-nomadic stuff was stored in the crawlspace and I ended up being allergic to the basement likely do to some missed mould problem. Do not take a leaking boiler

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2019-6-3 · That is the CH flow isolation valve, did you close it ? they are terrible for leaking when closed, it might and I say might stop leaking when you put the heating on and it heats up, failing that you will have to replace it, but there is a drain point below it so an easy enough job to do, they might only come as a pair if so then change the

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If your water heater is leaking from the bottom of the tank it suggests that there's a serious internal problem. Do NOT attempt to disassemble your water heater and perform internal repairs. Internal tank leaks can not be repaired and the water heater will need to be replaced.

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A picture or further explanation would be helpful. If the relief valve is on top and it is leaking you may have a waterlogged expansion tank. If you do any work yourself turn power off to the boiler. Most modern expansion tanks have a rubber diaph

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Just checked again, boiler is still leaking underneath, and when I wrung out the towel on top of the boiler, there was another trickle of water on top when I got back to the cupboard. I'm pretty sure what happened is the AAV, the Air vent, the seals are perished, fortunatly this is an easy job to sort out if that is the problem but it is a

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What to Do If Your Furnace Is Leaking Water May 8, 2019 | Residential Heating In a perfect world, we'd never have to deal with surprise mishaps with our home appliances, but that's not the case.

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2019-9-15 · Hi allI have exchanged last week on a property I am selling with completion next week. I have just discovered a leak coming from my boiler. Got my gas engineer to take a look and he has identified the leak is coming from the heat exchanger. He advised it could be around £200-300 to

ModelRated steam capacity(t/h)Rated working pressure(Mpa)Rated steam temperature(℃)Maximum transport size(m)
WNS1.5-1.0-Y(Q) 1.511843.0×1.8×2.0
WNS2-1.0-Y(Q) 211844.4×2.1×2.5