• 1 – 20 t/h
  • 0.7 – 2 Mpa
  • Industrial
  • In Stock
  • Nature gas, coke oven gas, biogas, methanol, liquid propane gas, diesel, heavy oil, light oil, crude oil, etc.
  • Heat supplying, chemical, food, textile, printing and dyeing, cigarettes and tobacco, fodder, pharmacy, building materials, brewery, rubber, hospital etc.

WSN series gas / oil fired industrial horizontal steam boiler is a kind of safety and high efficiency heating equipment with fully automatic intelligent control system. It’s a boiler shell type 3 passes wetback oil/gas fired boiler. Usually, the WNS series steam boilers widely used for industry production and processing, such as textile mill, medicine industry, food & beverage industry, chemical industry, garment industry, food processing industry, and wood processing industry, moreover, it could be used for central heating in enterprise, hotel, hospital, civil architecture, etc.

What is Passivation? How Does Stainless Passivatio

2019-9-14 · What is passivation, and how does it work? How do I passivate stainless steel parts after machining operations? These are common questions asked by machining shops and manufacturers of various part materials: stainless steel, titanium, tantalum and more.

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2019-4-17 · Paint coatings. Paints are usually applied one coat on top of another and each coat has a specific function / purpose. These are described as follows. Primers. The primer is applied directly onto the cleaned steel surface or, in the case of duplex systems, the sealed metal coating. Its purpose is to wet the surface and to provide good adhesion


2008-5-16 · surface), sodium borate (in order to buffer the pH of the water to the 9-10 range for best iron film formation), a copper inhibitor (in order to provide protection against the corrosion of copper based al.loys because of the high pH), and a sequestering agent (in order to prevent the

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2016-1-3 · In part because they are closed-loop systems, it can be easy to ignore power plant cooling water systems that support the reliable functioning of everything from stator bars in the generator to

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We've listed the top 25 asked questions about water softeners with answers below. You can also get more water softener facts, reviews & comparisons by clicking this link.. Be sure to also check out our salt and salt free Water Softener Sale going on right now!. The Top 25 Questions & Answers:

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Chemicals Supplied In The UK & Internationally. Accepta's high-performance chemical treatment products and speciality additives are used by businesses around the world in many of the most demanding commercial, municipal and industrial process environments where they help to improve productivity, optimise performance and reduce equipment life-cycle costs.

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2014-7-24 · These are much less common in surface water. Why is Water Used for Cooling? Several factors make water an excellent coolant: ? It is normally plentiful, readily

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Corrosion can lead to failure of critical parts of boiler systems, deposition of corrosion products in critical heat exchange areas, and overall efficiency loss. That is why corrosion inhibitors are often applied. Inhibitors are chemicals that react with a metallic surface, giving the surface a certain level of protection.

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2019-7-11 · A clean stainless steel surface can be re-damaged through mechanical means, extreme heat, or chemical damage. When this happens, iron is exposed, and the material is once again subject to rusting. Passivation may need to be performed on a regular basis to prevent rust. Passivation maximizes the inherent corrosion resistance of a stainless alloy.

Cooling Water Treatment for Diesel Engines on Shi

Cooling water treatment for diesel engines on ships with quality of cooling water, pH, hardness, chloride, nitrite-borate inhibitors and cleaning of system.

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2019-9-10 · The suitability of a particular cooling method depends on the application and the nature of the materials or processes to be cooled. Cold GAN cooling, for example, is an attractive option for cooling delicate materials, whereas direct LIN injection/spray or immersion cooling may damage the structure of

ModelRated steam capacity(t/h)Rated working pressure(Mpa)Rated steam temperature(℃)Maximum transport size(m)
WNS1.5-1.0-Y(Q) 1.511843.0×1.8×2.0
WNS2-1.0-Y(Q) 211844.4×2.1×2.5